Access: Simplified

Give your workers, customers and associates a simple web URL to access your mainframe instead of a complicated set of directions.

Connections: Enabled

The Flynet Viewer Web Services can rapidly build-out the transaction connections that have been holding you back!

Web Integration: Unleashed

Flynet Viewer: Pure Web Terminal Emulation, WCF Web Services and REST-JSON services in a single web server.

Limitations: Removed

Accelerate the progress of your organizational goals without being held-back by legacy screen-based applications!

What You Can Do

Simplified Terminal Emulation

Flynet Viewer Pure Web Terminal Emulation has no installation, starts and displays screens instantly in any browser, on any device.

Publish Web Services

With the Flynet Viewer Studio, Rapidly capture screen behavior and data and publish standard Web Services for use anywhere.

WorkFlow Automation

Building on the Flynet Web Service toolset, remove manual steps from your workflows using direct, automated screen data-entry.

Upgrade User Experiences

With the full Flynet toolset, easily generate new web pages and improved navigation for your end-user community.

Our Clients

  • U.S. Department of Justice - DEA El Paso Intelligence Center
  • ACS - Xerox Business Services
  • Baycare Health System - Tampa Florida
  • MasterCard Worldwide
  • Riverside County California